Mass Spectroscopy ElectrosprayIncrease reproducibility and expressiveness in Mass Spectroscopy.
Medical Device CoatingPrevent defects during medical device coating. Decrease waste.
Nasal Sprays and InhalersImprove reability of spray and aerosol drug products. Reduce development cost.

ioos offers optical Spray Error Patternation (SEP) system solutions for a wide variety of applications. The patented SEP systems provide not only a unique spray patternation method and metrics, but also a novel measurement set-up. This allows facilitated system calibration and switching between pattern and plume analysis (see images below)..

Spray Error Patternation systems overview

Each SEP system is customized for the particular requirements and includes light sources (i.e., DPSS lasers, LED's), special optics, and CMOS or CCD sensors. Precise adjustment of light source and detector-to-nozzle distance and synchronized liquid delivery (i.e., actuator) with image acquisition is ensured. The SEP systems can be upgraded with the counter-propagating laser option to reduce laser extinction (laser intensity reduction along its direction of propagation),. All instrument components are carefully selected and fine-tuned for the specific requirements to provide innovative and affordable custom solutions. Note that expensive cameras, lasers and collimination optics alone do not always produce the best results.

Spray Error Patternation system

Spray Error Patternation system with counter-propagating laser option

SEP systems for Spray Testing and R&D features

ioos’ spray analysis systems are successfully used for the development of novel atomizers and spray processes and for nozzle quality control. Features include:
+ New metrics provide relevant spray quality information for improved objectivity and facilitated quality control.
+ 2-D visualization of size and position of spray errors.
+ Mathematical description (pattern fitting) of spray allows accurate pattern classification.
+ Switching between pattern and plume analysis saves time and prevents measurement errors.
+ Scanning through spray plume by vertical adjustment of diagnostic arm.
+ High quality data acquisition is ensured by using state-of-the art optical equipment (i.e., counter-propagating lasers).
+ Evaluation results exceed current quality guidelines of government agencies, such as the FDA.

SEPPAT systems for Spray Process Analysis and Control features

ioos’ on-line Spray Diagnostic instrumentation has a proven track record in monitoring, e.g. critical drug-coating processes, yielding superior process control as well as improved production efficiency and product quality. It is used in the production line of major medical device and pharmaceutical companies. Features of the novel SEPPAT include:
+ Real-time monitoring of the Spray Errors prevents product scrap and predicts product quality.
+ Setup of  error limits for several relevant process variables allows  for accurate process control
+ New insight into production processes by monitoring and controlling size and location of spray errors.
+ Robust and compact measurement rig for on-line monitoring of pattern and plume allows easy integration in different production environments.